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August 15 - September 30: Hackathon Period
Bridging TradFi to DeFi
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State of DeFi Today
The Transition from TradFi to DeFi
Venture Capital Landscape in DeFi
The Intersection of DeFi and NFT
Privacy in DeFi
The Stablecoin Phenomenon
DAO’s and Governance
Saurabh Sharma (Jump Capital), Sunil Srivatsa (Saddle Finance), Kyle Wang (Valhalla Capital), Calvin Chu (Impossible Finance)
Andrea Lo (Stellar.org), Robin Schmidt (The Defiance), Lily Liu (ex-Coinbase), Ilya Abugov (Santor Capital), Idan (Collider Capital)
Adam Benayoun (Collider Capital), Alejandro Gutierrez (Defactor), Peter Johnson (Jump Capital), Sunny He (Hashkey)
Chandler De Kock (UMA Protocol) Sam Senchal (AbEx Capital) Tony Chan (Pledger Finance)
Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Joe Mahon (Lechuza Capital), Jesse Reich (Splinterlands)
Drew (Webb Protocol), Everett Hildenbrandt (Runtime Verification), TBD
Nikhil Chari (Circle Payments), Sam Kazemian (Frax Finance), Ameen Soleimani (Reflexer Finance)
Steven Lupien (University of Wyoming), Luis Cuende (Aragon), John Paller (SporkDAO / ETHDenver)