Harmony $7M Grant Guideline

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility, decentralized community, and cryptographic innovations aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance and auditable privacy.

Grant Tiers

< $5K

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at harmony.one/open-grants

Grant approvals and governance are solely by members of Harmony Community, Harmony Angels, elected validators, Pangaea Captains and Harmonauts (engineering and business team). The main acceptance criteria are active users with high 7-day retention, bringing assets, transactions and volume to Harmony Mainnet.

For background, you may read our articles Why #CrossFi (Harmony + BUSD video) and Why #ZKProof — or our project overview Why Sharding & Staking (Privacy Summit video).

Your grant is a 6-week engagement with 7 equal payments. After all 6 designated governors unanimously approve your weekly milestones (see Example Grant), another installment is made before that Sunday 9pm PST. If you lapse on any milestones by 4 weeks, your grant and future payments are forfeited.

Application Process

*Make a copy of the application and fill in the below information to send to grants@harmony.one


• The submission date of your grant application.
• An estimated start date (always Mondays) after approval.
• The $USD dollar amount of the grant.
• The number of addressable target users: general (100M), fintech (10M), crypto (1M), developers (100k), validators (10k).


Our strategic focus with examples of high priorities:
Defi: bridges, stablecoins, oracles.
Dapps: games, collectibles, marketplaces.
Portals: wallets, staking, exchanges.
CrossFi: fiat-ramps, payments, identity.
ZKProof: primitives, privacy, rollups.
Infra: dev, network, protocol.
Community: videos, articles, governance.

Project Details

• Name; X for Y (such has “Stripe for Online Petition”); 1-liner slogan.
Bio of your team highlighting relevant experience and skills.
Pitch deck on product mocks or screenshots, market fit, competitor analysis.
Forum page on talk.harmony.one for public process and discussion with community.
Town where you are based (just to say hello at the right time!) and timezone offset to Pacific Day Time (PDT).


These stakeholders (see the full list) are to approve (and later do quadratic matching) on your grant and milestones:

🎶 Harmony Community: they engage in community channels on Telegram and Twitter over the long term.
⛏️ Harmony elected validators: they validate blocks with stakes and delegation for our network and economics security.
😇 Harmony Angels: they amplify our social impact on Twitter.
⚔ Pangaea Ops Captains (P-Ops): they lead an open community of validators and network operators.
👩‍💻 Eng Harmonauts: Harmony core engineering team.
👩🚀 Biz Harmonauts: Harmony core business team.

Current Traction. Including

• Product demo, including working prototype, as initial proof of work.
• Prior grants / engagement with other projects or Harmony.
• Team size and composition (engineering, marketing, operations).
• Team cost to demonstrate sustainability and efficiency.
• Time commitment in number of hours per week.
• The number of followers on Telegram, Twitter; Github stars/forks.d

Target Metrics

We measure the following metric targets per rolling 7-day period for fast iteration:

• The number of active users.
• User retention rate: percentage of users who come back.
• The $USD value of assets secured on chain.
• The number of transactions.
Volume in $USD.

Target Deliverables

Grants will be 6-weeks with these typical milestones:

Week 1: Deploy on testnet.
Week 2: Demo and AMA to Harmony and your community.
Week 3: Detailed documentation, blog post.
Week 4: Deploy on mainnet.
Week 5: Gather user feedback.
Week 6: Marketing for sustained user and usage growth.


Specify your license, Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, email, and wallet for transparent tracking of grant payouts.

Use open source license, preferably

Apache License 2.0, MIT / BSD 3-clause or 2-clause license, GNU (Lesser) General Public License, Mozilla Public License 2.0.


Link your site, blog and code. Provide a docker image for setup or server launch. Follow our branding guidelines.


Tweet out the weekly milestone and seek unanimous approvals from your 6 designated governors.


After each milestone, we will transfer an installment of grant payment with the link to the transaction.

Tax and Legal

For KYC/AML and accounting purposes, send to Harmony in private your driver license (or equivalent identification), phone number and home address. For calculating the amount of ONE tokens as payment in USD, Harmony uses the 24-hour volume-weighted average price using the Binance API (“weightedAvgPrice”) around the time of transfer.

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